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Our commitment to sustainability.

Our goal is to reduce waste!

We do this by

  • repairing our camping gear so it can be used as many times as possible while still delivering the same high quality you expect

  • repairing and donating camping gear to the local homeless shelter

  • properly recycling empty fuel canisters

  • donating leftover food and lost and found items to local non-profit organizations

Here are some ways you can help Basecamp Outdoor Gear to make a difference:

RENT A COOLER instead of buying a styrofoam cooler and then tossing it at the end of your trip

RENT REUSABLE EATING UTENSILS instead of buying disposable dishes and then tossing them after each meal

USE WILDERNESS CAMP SOAP instead of buying regular harsh household dish soap

BRING EXTRA TOWELS FROM HOME instead of using paper towels


Add to our Pay-It-Forward Shelf.

When you come into our shop, look through our pay-it-forward shelf of non-perishable food items and other gear left by your fellow campers. Feel free to grab whatever you want for your trip. Restock our shelf with whatever unopened containers you have leftover. 

Some common items include:

  • Sunscreen and bug repellant

  • Ziploc bags and trash bags

  • Toilet paper and napkins

  • Fire starters, lighter fluid, half-full fuel canisters

  • Miscellaneous spices

Tag us and our pay-it-forward shelf on social media! 

#pifshelf #payitforward #pifrecipes

IG: @basecampoutdoorgear

FB: @hi.basecamp

Donate to Three Square.

We make regular trips to drop off non-perishable food at Three Square when our shelf fills up

Donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada.

Anyone can come by our shop to donate old clothes, books, and other small household items to Big Brothers Big Sisters of Southern Nevada

FYI Your unclaimed lost and found items will be placed in this donation bin

Recycle empty fuel canisters.

Looking for a place to recycle your empty propane and isobutane canisters? Bring them over to Basecamp Outdoor Gear. We puncture them and take them to one of the local mixed metal recycling plants to be disposed of properly

Items we accept for recycling include:

Green 1L propane canisters

100-500g isobutane mix fuel canisters

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