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Rent camping gear packages

Take out the guessing work with our rental packages. We have a package for every occasion, from hardcore backpacking trips to big family car camping extravaganzas.

To get started, select the number of people in your party to browse available packages:

two people in a tent making coffee

You can also rent gear by the item

More than 4 people in your party? Need to add or take away an item? Contact us to customize any of these camping kits. 

Camping kit categories

For easier browsing, our camping kits are also divided into categories:

backpacking packages

Backpacking means carrying all of the camping gear on your back. This gear is super lightweight and durable


Car camping packages

Car camping (aka overlanding) means setting up camp right next to your vehicle. This gear is usually heavy, sturdy, warm, and very comfortable

Image by Silas Tolles

Camp kitchen packages

Folding table, 2-burner stove, cooler... We've got a package of these large items that you don't want to take on a plane with you


havasupai packages

Going to Havasupai specifically? These are complete packages for your trip

Image by Colton Jones
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