Hello. We are the Basecamp team.

We love anything that takes us outside.


We’ve ventured down quite a number of different hiking trails, mountain ranges, lakes, rivers, campgrounds, and National Parks within a few hours of Las Vegas.


We love the surprising beauty Las Vegas has to offer outside of the bright lights of the strip. 

Our goal is to bring unforgettable experiences to those seeking to explore the outdoors without having to buy thousands of dollars worth of gear or pay extra airline fees for heavy and oversized luggage.

Through our years of hiking, camping, and exploring, we have gathered the highest quality outdoor equipment to help you enjoy your time as we enjoy ours. 

It is our mission to inspire a love for nature within you. Basecamp Outdoor Gear is committed to a sustainable approach towards our product sourcing. We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and only source our products from companies who do the same.


Going to the Southwest?

Plan your trip with

The perfect night under the stars.

We offer a wide selection of tents for any outdoor adventure - whether you are camping, backpacking, hiking, planning a road trip, fishing, going to a festival, or pitching a tent in your backyard!

We supply high-quality tents with competitive outdoor equipment rental pricing. 

Sleep comfortably anywhere.

We provide top quality sleeping bags for any temperature. Whether you are taking a desert trip or backpacking in below zero temperatures, we are there to keep you warm, comfortable, and covered.

Our sleeping pads will give you that extra cushion and support you need for a comfortable night under the stars.

Explore the world, we've got your back.

We offer backpacks for your epic day hike, a quick weekend adventure in the woods, or a 5-day backcountry expedition in the mountains. We even have child carriers.

Our rental inventory consists of the best of the best backpacks to keep you comfortable on the trail.

Accessories for the great outdoors.

Some things are hard to come by in the wilderness, such as a Pocket Rocket Stove, but this is a problem of yesterday because we’ve got you covered today. From camp lighting & camp furniture, to trekking poles & unique hammocks, we have your back and we'll make sure you are ready to take on the great outdoors.

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