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Rent camping and backpacking gear - Zion National Park

Updated: Aug 25, 2023

Renting camping and backpacking gear for Zion National Park trips from Las Vegas is easy and affordable. Forget about the lodges and hotels! There's no better way to escape civilization than by losing oneself in nature. Imagine how amazing the Milky Way will look from your tent while camping under the stars. Now you can save space in your luggage and simply rent outdoor gear for Zion National Park and the rest of your Southwest adventure.

yellow grey tent in a campsite with view of a cliff under blue skies
Camp with a view at Zion National Park

Read about our suggestions of things to do and places to stay in or near Zion National Park.

Rental camping and backpacking gear for Zion National Park

Browse our rental camp packages and/or supplement your camping and backpacking gear with individual outdoor rental items. You can hire tents, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, camping lanterns, camp furniture, coolers and other camp kitchen gear - anything you need for a wonderful outdoor experience at Zion National Park.

Specifically for Zion National Park, we recommend getting a 3-season sleeping bag for the greater part of the year. Even in summer, though the sun may blaze down on you during the day, nights could get deceivingly cold. Check the weather forecast prior to heading out. If temperatures fall to below 50°F, opt for a warmer sleeping bag or consider investing in a sleeping bag liner. In winter, if temperatures fall below 30°F, rent a winter sleeping bag. All of our rental sleeping pads are insulated for all season use.

If you're backpacking, rent a rat sack to keep squirrels and other critters from chewing through your backpack. Browse through our rental backpacking packages to see other lightweight items that we rent for backpacking in Zion National Park.

Reserve your rental outdoor gear for Zion National Park through our website and pick up your items in our convenient location near Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. Ending your trip in a different city? We offer one-way return shipping for most of our items!

Practical information for camping at Zion National Park

First and foremost, check our suggestions of things to do and places to stay in or near Zion National Park. Aside from that, here are a few more important things to know when staying overnight in Zion:

  • The Virgin River flows near the campgrounds by the visitor center and in the town of Springdale. This humidity attracts more flies and mosquitos than much of the Southwest, but it still isn't as bad as the Ozarks!

  • Leave your car at your campsite and walk or take the shuttle to the town of Springdale and its many great restaurants.

  • Watch out for squirrels! They are cute and all, but they could be quite vicious when they want your food. Never leave food unattended. When you're done eating, lock your food in your car. NEVER TAKE FOOD INTO YOUR TENT!

  • The closest international airport to Zion National Park is Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas. It takes about 2.5 hours to drive there directly.

river flowing through a canyon toward towering cliffs
The Virgin River flowing through Zion National Park


Zion National Park is an amazing place to camp! Take a minute to browse through our rental gear inventory and decide for yourself whether to bring your own gear from home, supplement your personal items, or rent complete camping packages from us.

Feel free to contact us should you need more information about renting gear for camping and/or backpacking in or around Zion National Park or any other location in the American Southwest.

We look forward to seeing you on the trail!

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