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Going to the Southwest?

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Plan your trip with DetourOn

What is DetourOn?

DetourOn is an interactive tool aimed to transform your journey into a stress-free travel experience, from planning a trip to managing it while on the road.

The tool has two main components:

  1. List of suggested points of interest to help you decide where to go

  2. Customized roadbook – essentially a mini-guidebook – with all the information you need to know specific to your chosen points of interest

It is important to note that DetourOn is still a start-up. If you're a developer who would like to invest in this startup, please contact DetourOn directly.

Currently, the interactive planner only works on Desktop computers using Chrome or Safari. The planner does not yet work on smartphones, tablets, or Internet Explorer.

How does DetourOn work?

On the DetourOn planning page, type "Las Vegas" as your starting city. A list of points of interest (POIs) will appear, including a few suggested trip templates. Ignore the templates for now and scroll through the POIs. If something looks interesting, drag and drop it into the planner on the left side of the screen.

Hint: You can filter destination suggestions by typing keywords in the search box, such as "hike" or "museum"

DetourOn interactive travel planning tool
DetourOn planner on the left, POI suggestions on the right

Once you have dropped a few POIs in your planner, click the Map View to see driving times and distances between them. Return to the List View to rearrange their order.

Suppose you want to visit Zion National Park specifically. You can filter the search results to show only points of interest in Zion. Simply type "Zion" into the search box.

Alternatively, you can look for POIs near the closest city to Zion. In the City field, type "Springdale, UT" instead of Las Vegas. Thus you can filter for "hike" near Zion National Park.

The DetourOn Roadbook

Once satisfied with your plan, download the DetourOn Roadbook. This is essentially a guidebook that is specific to your plan. Information in the roadbook includes:

  • Brief description of the destination (passport/visa requirements, common driving rules and regulations, other common modes of transportation, currency information, type of electricity, etc)

  • Brief history, fun facts, and important things to know about each point of interest in the program

  • Nearby points of interest in case of spare time or unexpected closures

  • Nearby restaurant recommendations

  • Practical information about supermarkets, gas stations, banks/ATMs

  • Trail maps and road maps specific to the points of interest in the program

Note that you do not have to follow your planning word for word. You may add as many POIs as you'd like into any given day, regardless of timing. This gives you the flexibility to choose the attractions and activities that best fit your schedule on the spot. The planner is simply there to act as a guide and highlight the POIs that most appeal to you.

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