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Water Filter - Katadyn Hiker or similar

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Product Details

Lightweight, reliable, and easy-to-use water purifier for backpacking and trekking. Engineered for frequent and heavy use, and ensures clean and taste-free water.

  • Weight: 1 lb
  • Filter physically removes particles, protozoa, and bacteria down to 0.2 microns in size, including giardia, salmonella, cryptosporidia and others
  • Glass-fiber element is pleated for increased surface area to handle silt and muddy water
  • Activated-carbon core adsorbs chemicals and pesticides to improve taste of water
  • Aproximately 48 strokes per min. provide 1 liter of clean drinking water
  • Pre-filter at hose inlet filters to 150 microns, removing larger contaminants before they reach the main filter to increase its life span
  • Included adapter allows the filter output hose to attach to the quick-connect fitting built into some hydration reservoirs (reservoir not included)
  • Katadyn Hiker water filter includes a carry sack and bottle adapter that fits most water bottles
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