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1Person | Havasupai Package

Tent, sleeping bag, air pad, headlamp, JetBoil, water filter, trekking poles, backpack
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This one-person package is made of the most basic necessities for visiting Havasupai. Because it is so lightweight, it is also very popular with backpackers in general. In other words, you don't have to travel to Havasupai to rent this package. Other popular Southwest backpacking destinations include Buckskin Gulch, Coyote Gulch, Zion's West Rim Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail, just to name a few.


  • 1P Backpacking Tent (3.5 lbs)
  • 1 x Sleeping Bag (2-4 lbs depending on the season)
  • 1 x Lightweight Sleeping Pad (1.4 lbs)
  • 1 x Headlamp
  • JetBoil Stove and Pot + 1 Fuel Canister (1 lb)
  • Water Filtration System (1 lb)
  • Trekking Poles (1.3 lbs)
  • 50-70L backpack so you can comfortably carry all gear and personal items yourself (4-5 lbs depending on the pack)
  • Choice to add XXL duffel bag so all of your belongings could be carried by mules to the campground

Total backpacking package weight per person comes to between 14-18 lbs

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