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Ice Lock - Reusable Watertight Ice Bag - Buy New

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Buy these reusable watertight ice packs to keep your ice chest cooler for longer and stop soggy messes! Use them on your current trip through the Southwest then take them home for local adventures.

P.S. You can rent these ice bags first to try them out. If you like them, buy them. We'll discount you the price of the rental.

  • Each bag can hold up to 5lbs of ice - they are sold as a 2-pack since most grocery stores sell 7-10lb bags of ice
  • Triple-layer no-leak construction that is BPA-Free - when the ice melts, you can drink it
  • Keeps your food cold for twice as long as regular ice
  • Flexible and folds flat for easy storage. No bulky freezer packs when you're not using it.
  • Re-charge this ice pack on the go! Just add ice from the hotel ice machine or local grocery store/gas station
  • Use it at home to make your own flavored ice drinks. Freeze your favorite beverage in the ice bag, use it as ice in your cooler, and when the ice melts simply dispense it through the built in pour spout
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